Parish Contributions - St. Francis of Assisi, Acklam

St. Francis & St. Clare, of Assisi
Acklam, Middlesbrough.
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Parish Contributions

We now offer the facility of being able to accept online offerings and donations through Virgin Moneygiving.
Even before the pandemic we had always been conscious of the ever changing world and the ever changing means of payments people use, understanding that many simply do not carry cash around with them these days.
With assistance of the Diocesan staff, we have now set up a Virgin Moneygiving button on our website which we hope our parishioners will make use of. If they (you) do it will be a great help to the Parish, given collections, inevitably, have been considerably down in recent times due to the pandemic.
Virgin Moneygiving is a very simple, very discreet and very secure method of helping the parish to continue to function as normally as possible. Your offering will go straight into the parish account.  

How to use : 4 easy steps -

  1. Click the Virgin Moneygiving Button, below, which will take you to the donation page for the Parish
  2. Enter your donation amount
  3. Leave a message (ie. if it's a mass intention for someone)
  4. Pay by card or Pay with Paypal if you have an account

Your help with the costs of the parish is greatly appreciated during  these difficult and uncertain times. We do not take your generosity for  granted.
Make your parish offering / donation here:
Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

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